Food Waste Friday Finally Returns!

by Elizabeth on January 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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Yikes! I haven’t done a Food Waste Friday post in almost a month!  Even though I haven’t posted anything, I haven’t neglected my goal of reducing my family’s food waste.  We did have some holiday leftovers end up in the trash and I accidentally left some leftover ham casserole out of the refrigerator for something like 10 hours so I didn’t think it would be safe to eat. 
But that was last week and the week before that. 
This week, I’m pleased to report…
The last picture from my parent’s house…
It’s a no-waste week! Yay! There are some leftovers languishing in the fridge, but I’m pretty sure my dad will take care of them.   
In case you were wondering, Food Waste Friday will continue to make an appearance on my blog when I move (tomorrow!!).  I actually will probably rely on it more than ever to help keep my waste down as living alone tends to yield an awful lot of wasted food.  So look for tips and tricks to prevent waste when living alone in the future!
How did you do this week?  Any food waste?
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