Food Waste Friday – First Single Girl Edition

by Elizabeth on January 14, 2011 · 0 comments

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I knew that when my mom picked up Chinese takeout for us last Friday night and insisted on leaving me with all the leftovers, some of it would end up in the trash.  There was just no way that one person could eat all that was leftover (note to self: new Chinese place serves massive portions – order less next time!).  But I felt confident that most of it would get eaten so there wouldn’t be too much waste.
Um, wrong.
I never got around to eating any of the leftover Chinese (I blame it on Target having frozen chicken nuggets on sale).  So all of that takeout went into the trash last night.  I did get a picture so I share my shame with you.  
I also threw away some roasted potatoes from last night.  I only cooked one potato but it was way more than I could eat and I don’t like leftover roasted potatoes.  If it was on my plate and it got scraped into the trash, does it count as food waste?
Maybe next week will be better!
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