Food Waste Friday…Sigh

by Elizabeth on August 13, 2010 · 0 comments

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I haven’t been keeping a very close eye on our food waste recently.  That was probably why I had to throw away the stale tortillas last week.  That’s also why we had so much food waste this week. 

Last Saturday, when we made hamburgers, Mom made the gross discovery that half of the lettuce had gone bad.  She was able to salvage some of it, but about half of it went into the trash as a soggy brown mess.  Dad roasted a turkey breast last Sunday (he makes the BEST turkey) and found that a lot of the celery had gone bad.  Celery is one of those things that goes bad often around our house.  We buy it because we need it in a recipe or for a salad, but we never eat it all.  I need to start eating Ants on a Log again.  Yum!

We also made broccoli salad last weekend and usually it lasts a while, but for some reason, it went bad really quickly.  I took some for lunch on Monday, and found that it tasted off.  I wasn’t sick, but I didn’t feel comfortable eating it again the next day.  Into the trash it went.  Joining it was some cilantro.  Big sigh.  I just never use it all before it goes bad.  Does anyone know if you can freeze it? 

I have some parsley and some bananas that are in danger of being lost over the weekend.  I see banana muffins in our future!  And potentially scrambled eggs with parsley tomorrow for breakfast.

How did you do on food waste this week?  Hop over to The Frugal Girl for more woes of waste.

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