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by Elizabeth on July 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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I didn’t blog yesterday.  
If you are a regular reader, I’m sure you noticed.  Or perhaps you didn’t notice because my endless posts on romance have annoyed you enough to stop reading.  Sorry about that, but, what can I say, I like romance.  And really you probably do to, but you just don’t know it yet.  And before you say you don’t like romance I would kindly ask you to stop judging a book by it’s cover (because really, no one needs that much man titty in her life) and just try it once.  I would suggest starting with something by Nora Roberts, Loretta Chase, Julia Quinn, or Jennifer Cruise.  
But anyway…I digress.

Back to why I didn’t post yesterday.  I know you were all dying to read part three of What I Wish I Learned in Library School (you can read part one here and part two here) and I will be posting it later today.  It didn’t get posted yesterday, because, well, I haven’t written it yet.  

But the real reason I didn’t write yesterday (or Monday for that matter) was that something very exciting arrived on my doorstep on Monday.  

Something that caused me to do nothing buy play most of the day yesterday.  

Something that required my undivided attention because it was just so gosh darn exciting.

I bet you really want me to stop being so annoying and just tell you what it is.  

But I can’t tell you.  I have to show you.  
Isn’t it beautiful?!?!  In case you live under a rock or something, this is a new iPhone 4.  I’ve never owned an iphone; I just have my regular ipod nano that pretty much stays in my car to provide me with a nice soundtrack (or an audio book) for my commute.  
I cannot accurately express my insane joy to finally own an iphone and to be able to do all the cool things it can do.  My old phone was quite nice, but I didn’t have a data plan so going online was out.  With my brand spanking new iPhone 4, I can finally play on facebook and twitter at work.  You know, during my free time between all those lit searches.  
Anyway, learning all about my new phone occupied most of my day yesterday and therefore, I didn’t blog.
Mystery solved.  I know it was killing you.  

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