January Goals

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Instead of setting year-long goals for 2011, I’ve chosen 5 categories of my life that need improving.  Each month I set one goal from each category. 
1.      Budget – Set spending limits.  This is a huge need for me.  With the new house and everything that had to be (or will be) bought for it, my wallet is seeing some serious strain.  Because I have been at home with my parents for a year, most of money has gone into savings, my wardrobe, or in my stomach.  I need to set some spending limits on things like new clothes, eating out, books, and miscellaneous purchases so I can stay out of debt.  In addition to this (setting two goals here so proceed with caution!), I need to find a budget system that works.  Several of you have given some great recommendations (thanks by the way!) so I will researching those and then (finally!) creating my own budget.
2.      Food – Relearn how to cook and shop for one.  I said I wasn’t going to give up menu planning, and I’m not.  I just haven’t done it for one person in so long that it’s going to take a while to figure out how much to buy and cook. 
3.      Blogging – Get on the wait list for having BlogHer ads.  BlogHer requires you to have blogged at least once a week for 3 months and January is the first month that I have done that.  (Remember that month-long blogging hiatus I took in September/October? That’s why I had to wait).  Also, I need to email my fellow bloggers who are self-hosted and get some details and advice.
4.      Social – Make plans with friends and stick to them.  This is going to be hard this month with the move and settling in to the new house, but I plan on scheduling at least a few social outings. 
5.      Personal – Stop procrastinating!  Procrastinating is my worst habit.  It’s why I have a stack of things on my desk to do.  It’s why these goal posts are getting posted so late.  It’s why I’m panicking because I’m not done packing and I’m moving on Saturday (!!).  I’m working on a few ways to help me stop procrastinating.  I’m creating a to-do list every evening before I leave work of everything that needs to be done the next day and I’m working on the list before I do anything else.  I also bought the Motivated Moms Planner that The Happy Housewife recommended.  I’m not a mom of course, but I hate housework so it tends to build up and then I procrastinate on actually doing the work.  I’m hoping the planner (which looks awesome by the way) will help me stay on top of keeping my house clean and presentable. 
What are your January goals?

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