May Goal Review

by Elizabeth on May 31, 2011 · 0 comments

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1. Budget – Put money into savings.  Done!  I transferred money into two of my savings accounts.  If I can just keep this up, I’ll be well on my way to meeting some of my savings goals!
2. Food – Cook more.  If I’m counting correctly, I cooked 12 dinners this month.  Not bad considering I was out of town for almost an entire week.  I did feel like I was cooking more than I had in a while, and I only got stressed about cooking once.  I also baked muffins for breakfasts twice this month, but I only baked bread once.  I need to get bake into the swing of making all of my own breads.
3. Blogging – Blog. Period.  Counting this blog post, I have blogged 26 times this month, up from 20 in April.  I did some scheduling in advance and took the time when I could find it to at least get something down.  There were very few days when I felt stressed about not having anything posted.  I’d really like to keep this up because it’s a great feeling!
4. Social – Maintain a balance.  This was hard this month because I was traveling for almost a week in the middle, but I think I did pretty good at the beginning of the month.  One of my closest friends is finally home from school (she just graduate law school – congrats Laura!!), so I see lots of outings in my future.  I need to try to keep up a balance between being at home and being out, for both my budget and my sanity’s sake.
5. Personal – Organize my office.  For the second month in a row, I have failed on this goal.  Oops.  I realized my reason though, when I was writing my guest post for the blog swap.  I didn’t set at SMART goal so we can blame my laziness on that, right? 

Did you set goals this month?  How did you do?

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