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When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by this site outside my house.

Now, living in Alabama, snow is a pretty rare occurrence so I get really excited when I see white stuff falling from the sky.  I get even more excited when it starts to stick on the roofs and the grass.

If you aren’t from the south, you probably think this is nothing to get excited about.  And if you aren’t from the deep south, you have no clue how much panic snow causes.  Around here, the words snow, and especially, ice, cause people to immediately run out and stock up on milk and bread.  Schools cancel classes way before the clouds have even moved in on the off chance the roads might be impassable.  Our local weather man goes on the air and broadcasts the impending storm live.  In short, snow is a big deal. 

Except for this year.  This year, I’ve seen snow six times, including our incredible pseudo-white Christmas, where it snowed all day but didn’t stick.  Snow falling 6 times in one winter seems to be enough to ease some of the panic and impending doom (y’all think I’m kidding but I’m not).  I didn’t have to go into work until 10 today and that wasn’t even announced until early this morning when some icing reports came it. I remember days. not so long ago, when everyone got so panicked at the idea of snow that they closed school all day without even waiting to see how much we got.  We usually only ended up with a 1/2 inch on those occasions. 

By the time I took these pictures, the snow had already started to melt, but it looks like we got about an inch.  Enough to cover the cars, roofs, and mailboxes.  It was really beautiful to watch coming down last night and very pretty this morning, but frankly I’m a little tired of winter.  It’s time for spring. 

Are you enjoying the winter or are you ready for spring?  Did you get any snow this week?

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1 Christine February 10, 2011 at 8:50 pm

Ready for spring!!! If I have to shovel my sidewalk or dig out my car one more time I'm going to scream. Better yes, if I faceplant on ice one more time I'm buying those little spikey things to go on the bottom of my shoes.

It probably doesn't help that I've been doing lots of online window shopping and lusting over bathing suits and precious sun dresses.


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