The Life and Times of a New Librarian: Where Are They Now?

by Elizabeth on October 5, 2011 · 1 comment

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This week we hear from Jenny, who had been struggling to find a full-time professional position for over a year.  Has she found one?  Is she happy?  Read on to find out!  Confused as to what is going on? Click here to learn more. 

Since the beginning of July (after a job hunt of roughly 2 years) I have been a director of a small rural library. I never would have thought I’d be a library director. I had always thought I’d just be a department head of a big city library (I love readers advisory). I actually repeatedly said I didn’t want to be a library director. I ended up with this job after applying for it over a year ago (on a whim because it was semi-close to my hometown). I got a call out of the blue one Sunday in late spring. The person they hired last year didn’t work out. I hadn’t even interviewed for the job last year. I guess the 2nd time around they looked for something different.

It’s interesting going from a larger library system (where I was only an assistant) to a single library with a super small budget and being in charge. It’s interesting making all of the decisions. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it sucks. I have a support system of friends who are or have been directors plus there’s a networking group of directors that meet up quarterly (I attended my first one a couple weeks ago. It was nice to see I’m not alone. And almost everyone has the same problems as me). Plus there’s a statewide group of library directors that meet up twice a year for a conference. The next one is in December. Can’t wait! I should also mention that I never thought my hometown was a “big city” until I moved here.” While there is a super small Hyvee, Pamida and Dollar General but I have to drove anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for anything else that I want. I frequent my hometown (an hour away) a lot. Come this winter I probably won’t though. Thank God for on-line shopping. 🙂

One interesting thing about this job is it comes with housing. A couple donated a building located down the street from the library. It’s a storefront with an apartment above it. The weekend after the job offer the board president invited me to town for a town tour (joked it was a 17.3 minute tour including construction detours) and a tour of the apartment. The apartment is 3-4 bedrooms (one is more the size of a home office and features no door), 2 bathrooms (one has a sink, shower and toilet. Other has just a bathtub and a toilet no sink), a laundry room and a sun room. It’s HUGE. The only downfall is as one of the board members described it “it’s a penthouse with no elevator”. There are a lot of stairs leading up to it. They don’t really bother me except when I have groceries.

I have to say it was worth the wait. I love my job.

Jenny was nice enough to share some pictures from her new apartment.  Isn’t it cute? Who wouldn’t love a job that came with housing?

Stairs leading to the apartment

Living Room



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