Water Week = Success

by Elizabeth on July 23, 2011 · 0 comments

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It’s Saturday night and Water Week is officially over.  The result?  Success.

I succeeded in increasing my water intake and I limited myself to one non-water beverage a day.  And I didn’t cheat, not once.

So what did I learn during this experience?

  • That I depend on caffeine way too much to get me through the day.  And that I tend to reach for it on slow days, when I’m bored.
  • That I feel better and (I think) look better when I’m more hydrated.
  • That I have excellent willpower.
  • That nothing tastes better than an ice-cold Diet Coke at lunch time.
  • That Diet Pepsi is not (in my opinion) an acceptable substitute for Diet Coke in times of urgent need.
Will I keep this up?  Probably not, because it is hard.  I went out to dinner with family twice this week, and really wanted to order a drink, but since I had already used my alloted one non-water beverage, I had to stick with plain water.  So for times like that, it will be nice to have something other (or in addition to) water.  Also, some days, I really do need an extra caffeine boast, and having one more Coke isn’t going to kill me.
I do plan to keep in mind that I really do feel better and sleep better when I’ve had mostly water to drink whenever I head to the fridge in search of something to drink.  Overall, I think that this experiment was a success and I hope that I keep it up.
How did you do during Water Week?


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