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by Elizabeth on June 10, 2011 · 4 comments

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Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins – something new to try so I can use up those blueberries that have been sitting my freezer since, like, January.  Tip: apparently Whole Foods sells whole wheat pastry flour in the bulk bins so you only have to buy what you need.

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bars – simple and delicious.  Perfect for summer.  I think these would be awesome with some homemade raspberry sauce poured over the top.  YUM.

Pesto Potato Salad with Green Beans – I’m always looking for an excuse to add more pesto to my menu.

Steakhouse Mushroom Burgers – the fact that this is served on Texas toast and includes creamed spinach for an extra layer of calories (and, you know, flavor or something) makes my day.

Brown Butter Strawberry Cake – because I don’t have enough strawberry recipes to make before the end of strawberry season.  But I do think this would make a nice gift as a thank you for a favor.  Nothing says “thank you” quite like a loaf of homemade bread.

Snickerdoodle Bundt Cake – I’ll have to steal my mother’s bundt pan to make this, but it should be well worth it.  My favorite cookie in cake form sounds a little bit like my idea of heaven.  You know, that mysterious place where I can eat endless amounts of sweets while not gaining any weight.

And everything else…

Have you read this article in The Wall Street Journal about YA literature?  What do you think?  Read this commentary and this one for some other opinions.  Personally, I love YA and I would rather have kids read about unsettling/dark topics than hear about them from friends, TV, or music.  ETA: this great piece from Closed Stacks and this one from Salon.  Done with those?  Now read this one and this one.  Grab some tissues.

We know that the Library of Congress is creating a Twitter archive but do you know how they are doing it?  I didn’t until I read this super interesting article.

How to Use Mint.com – I’ve been using Mint for a while (with fair success I would say) but I did find it very overwhelming in the beginning.   This is a great post to get you started.

How to Make the Most of Pinterest – I blogged about Pinterest not too long ago, but I found this great post (complete with screen shots!) that shows you exactly how to work Pinterest.  Need an invite?  Email me at lifelovelibrarianship (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you one.

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1 Cate June 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Would you believe that I read every article you linked about YA literature? I especially loved the Salon article. I devoured a ton of YA literature when I was younger and I think I’m better for it. Lots of it was fluff, sure, but the rest was great literature. Pretending “adult” topics don’t exist won’t make them go away…we should be glad teens are reading, period!


2 Elizabeth June 11, 2011 at 9:25 am

I completely agree. That’s the reason I put all those links up. I got so mad when I saw that NYT article because who is this woman to criticize what teens are reading? I would much rather have teens reading violent literature that opens the door to discussions than a teen who doesn’t read at all.


3 SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen June 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm

vanilla bean cheesecake?!? Steakhouse mushroom burgers. Yes please.


4 Elizabeth June 12, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I’m really into how that cheesecake sounds. Can’t wait to try it!


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