Weekly Wanderings

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Weekly Wanderings
Party Invites: A Place (and a Free Book) for You – have you ever not been invited to a party or a get-together and then found out about it later?  I have; exclusion is another form of bullying in my book, and like other things, I suffered through it as well.  This post from (in)courage was especially meaningful to me.
Decluttering Your Feed Reader – I subscribe to over 100 blogs in my reader (108 sounds about right) and I know it’s too many.  I need to make some cuts because having over 150 posts to read a day is getting excessive.  Quick poll: does everyone have this many blogs in their reader, or am I just crazy?
Yet Another eBookstore …With a Difference – the Internet has been buzzing about the launch of Google Editions.  I’ve done some poking around, and it looks all fine and dandy, but I was left with some lingering questions, especially regarding who is making the money and access without an internet connection.  This post answered those questions. 

When I first posted about my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies, Ginger asked if I would be making any molasses crinkles.  I’m not planning on it, because I’m not a fan of molasses, but I found a recipe from Finding Joy in My Kitchen that I thought would be perfect for Ginger! Enjoy!

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