Weekly Wanderings

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Weekly Wanderings
Here are some great things that have landed in my feed reader this week.
TSA Sexual Assault – The story of TSA’s new screening procedures have been everywhere this week.  In case you live under a rock, TSA screeners now have the authority to touch you everywhere, including the genital area, while doing a body search.  However, they are required to tell you.  Read what happened to one woman who wasn’t told.
Productivity, Frugal Girl Style: Plan Ahead – a great post by one of my favorite bloggers on planning to keep you sane and productive.  I’m still working on being more productive…
And along with the productivity that comes from planning…Producvity Hack: Using the Web to Minimize Internet Distractions – I started using the Remember the Milk app because of this post from Get Rich Slowly.  So far, so good!
How to Get Going on the Things That Really Count – Something must be in the air or someone is trying to tell me to be more productive.  This is another great productivity post focusing on anti-procrastination from Life…Your Way.
I’m sharing this a little late, but Annie’s Thanksgiving Prep Series is really amazing and helpful.  If you are making most of the Thanksgiving dinner yourself, you need to read this series.  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
If you are still looking for a great dessert to bring to Thanksgiving, my Recipe Index is stocked full of delicious ideas.  Might I suggest the Pumpkin Cobbler?  It’s seriously awesome.  If pumpkin isn’t your thing, a sour cream pound cake, pistachio bundt cake, or M&M party cookies may be more your style.

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