August Goals

by Elizabeth on August 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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1. Budget – Spend wisely and put money into savings.  Fairly self-explainatory.  After last month’s struggle with shopping, I need to focus on watching where my money is going.  I do need to hit up some end-of-season sales and maybe find some new clothes for fall, but other than that, I need to not spend too much this month so that I can put some money into savings.

2. Food – Try one new recipe a week.  I’m already on the rack track with that this week, but my to-try recipe list is out of control (again!) so it’s time to do some cooking.

3. Blogging – Write everyday.  This was a goal last month, and I didn’t really do it.  I’ve got a lot of great ideas, I just need to make myself sit down and put them into a post of some kind.  This should be a real challenge.

4. Social – Write letters.  Yet another fail from last month.  I really want to do this, so I’m setting it as a goal for this month.  I need some accountability on this one.  Maybe this will do it?

5. Personal – Work out twice a week.  It doesn’t have to be much; a short walk, some pilates, 10 minutes of cardio.  I just need to do something.  I’m starting to feel really soft and very out of shape, and that really needs to change.

What are your August goals?

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