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by Elizabeth on March 24, 2012 · 4 comments

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In case you haven’t noticed, I updated my Reading List page.  Instead of crossing out books as I go along, I’m just adding them as I read them.  I’m hoping it will give me some accountability to meet my reading goal for the year.  I’m a chronic re-reader so I need the little push.

On the same note, I started keeping a spreadsheet of the all the books I’ve read as well as the books I want to read.  My To Be Read list reached 130 this weekend.  In order to help me cross some of those off the list, I stopped by my favorite used book store.  They were having a sale so I naturally I busted out my TBR list and spent an hour attempting to locate certain titles.  In a store that has twice as many books as my Barnes and Nobel, this was not an easy task.  I walked out with a big stack of books. 🙂

Unfortunately (fortunately?), I already have a few books to read.  I’ve just barely started Lisa Kleypas’s Rainshadow Road; I love her, but this book is being billed as “magical realism”, so I’m a little iffy on it.

I’m also STILL trying to read Something Wonderful.  The last time I posted about my current reads (on February 5) I was only 100 or so pages in.  I’m on the same page now. 🙂  I’m just not a McNaught fan but I refuse to give up because I have two more on my TBR.  Sigh.

What are you reading this weekend?

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1 Carol Walalce March 25, 2012 at 2:16 pm

I love your spread sheet idea! You have more patience than me — if a book doesn’t pull me in and hook me within the first couple of chapters then I give up on it and move on. I have a lot more time to read than you and reading is just what I do so I have read 4 7 books so far in 2012. My favorites so far have been Whistlin’ Dixie in a Noreaster along with the sequel Yankee Doodle Dixie, The Magic Room (by the author of the Last Lecture. Sadly he passed away shortly after The Magic Room was released), Wife-in-Law, and My Year With Eleanor. I mostly read cozy mysteries and I really enjoyed Mama Does Time followed by 3 others in the series. The best cozy mystery series I have read this year though has been by author Krista Davis…The Diva Runs Out of Thyme is the 1st in the series. I am still looking for something as good as The Weird Sisters.


2 reese March 26, 2012 at 8:42 am

So. I’ve been trudging along through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I am on book #12! I have this one and book #13 to go as #14 doesn’t come out until next year 🙂 I haven’t read the prequel yet, so that’s also in queue.

AFTER I’m done with this series, I’m really looking forward to reading The Bloggess’s new book, NieNie’s new book, Money Saving Mom’s book, Scary Mommy’s book, The Hunger Games trilogy AND The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. 🙂


3 Amelia (@LitJrzyGrl) March 27, 2012 at 12:29 pm

I’m trying to get as much pleasure reading in as I can before I start classes on April 2 (I think I’m crazy for trying for the second masters). I’m reading Jane Austen Made Me Do It and catching up on some romance series I’ve fallen behind on.

I read Rainshadow Road and was surprised by how much I liked it, because I didn’t really care for the first one in the series.


4 Melanie April 1, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Rainshadow Road is on my list of to-read on goodreads. Actually, if you haven’t checked out goodreads you should – it’s basically a way to keep track of and rate the things you read. It can also recommend other books. I’ve become a bit obsessed 🙂

@reese – the Bloggess’ new book is something I really want to read as well, though I would skip the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I read the first one and it took me forever to finish….


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