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by Elizabeth on February 4, 2011 · 1 comment

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I have some seriously talented friends.  They craft, the can their own foods, they plan weddings, they sew, they cook, and they blog.  Plus they’re amazing friends.  Seriously, y’all my friends are awesome.  While I love all sorts of blogs, I especially love my friends’ blogs because most of my close friends live far away and blogging is such a great way to keep up with them.  It’s just a side benefit that they are all really talented writers.


Last week I shared some of my favorite food blogs, and today I wanted to tell you about my friends’ blogs so you can see for yourself just how great they all are.

Christine’s Little Blog – Christine is my best friend; I met her in college (she was my freshman year roommate) and now she lives with her fiancé in Ohio.  Christine is an athletic trainer and she blogs about that, money and personal finance, cross stitching, and what life is like as a future military wife.

The Life of a Not-So Desperate Housewife – I met Megg in graduate school while we were getting our masters’ in library in information studies.  She’s originally from Massachusetts and now she lives in Seattle with her husband.  Megg blogs about a lot of things including frugality, simple living, decorating, cooking, and her struggles with depression.  She also runs an ongoing series called “I’m Grateful Wednesday” where she shares the things she is feeling grateful.

Liberal Simplicity – If you’ve been around frugal living or personal finance blogs for a while, you’ve probably heard of Liberal Simplicity (formally Budget Confessions).  Cate is a number of wonderful things, including (but not limited to) a writer, a mother, a wife, an excellent cook, a feminist, and a simplicity junkie. I’ve never actually met Cate but I was so inspired by her blog and her life (please tell me I’m not the only person who feels this way about certain bloggers) that I emailed her and started corresponding with her on twitter and now we’re even friends on Facebook!  I love making friends online and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to form a connection with someone whose writing I admire.

The DIY Nearlywed – Reese is another friend who’ve I never met but talk to online.  Reese is engaged, working, and planning her wedding.  Needless to say she’s very busy and doesn’t always update daily (which is sad because she’s a great writer!), but when she does post, it’s always really fun.  She has some great series including Random Mondays and Grab Bag where she shares random things she finds from around the web.

With Duck and Goose – Amy is yet another friend I’ve never met. 🙂  I discovered Amy’s blog through Food Waste Fridays and then started following her on Twitter.  Amy is a bit like me; we’ve both struggled with trying to be “niche” bloggers and realized that we most definitely are not.  Amy blogs about lots of different things including crafting (she has her own Etsy shop!), homeschooling, vegetarian cooking, and simplicity.

False Dandelions – Ashley is one of the few sorority sisters I actually still talk to.  (Did I ever mention I was in a sorority?  I probably should, there’s a lot to talk about there.)  She’s a journalist who also does a lot of PR and she just got engaged (yay!).  Ashley’s blog is pretty new, but her talent for writing really shines through.  She’s started some cool series including a “What? Wednesday series” that covers some random (and interesting) topics.

I highly recommend all of these blogs and not just because they are my friends. 🙂  I hope some of them are new to you and that you check them out!

Do your friends blog?  Any you want to share?

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1 Cate February 4, 2011 at 8:47 pm

I am very flattered. 🙂

Obviously I'm friends with you and Amy!

I also love my friend Mandy's blog, Tempest Beauty ( She writes about parenting and her job as an ultrasound sonographer, with lots of other fun stuff in between.


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