Food Waste Friday

by Elizabeth on July 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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I was really hoping to make this yet another no-waste week, but a banana and a potato got in the way.  Last week was the quarterly warehouse sale at one of our local grocery stores, and like always, we stocked up on meat.  We were also able to get toilet paper at a very discounted price and 5 pounds of potatoes for around a dollar.  Remembering what happened the last time I had too many potatoes, I was quick to look through them and check for bad spots.  I thought they were okay, until I started smelling that funny smell again, and sure enough, found a potato beginning to go bad.  I was able to rescue the rest of the lot, and am looking forward to some mashed potatoes with our horseradish meatloaf this weekend.  
The banana was another good catch.  I grabbed a banana on the way out the door this week and noticed that another had a really bad spot.  I told my dad to eat it, but he forgot, and by the next day more than half the banana was bad and it couldn’t be salvaged.  Oh well.  It could have been way worse.
I didn’t get a picture of either the banana or the potato so please enjoy this picture of dancing bananas instead.  
Did you waste any food this week?  Share it at The Frugal Girl!

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