October Goal Review

by Elizabeth on October 31, 2011 · 4 comments

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1. Budget – Try for 8 no-spend days.  I did this!  It was actually easier than I thought.  It did require some planning ahead and one no-drive day, but I did do it.  I feel better about my spending this month because of this.  I did have a few heavier spend days including a trip to the mall and Target, but overall, I think I did okay.

2. Food – Avoid eating out as much as possible.  This was both a success and a failure.  I did avoid eating out or ordering pizza or Chinese a few nights, but those nights I ended up eating pasta with butter, cheese and crackers, or, on one particularly not great night, two slices of cake.  I did great at the beginning of the month on packing (and actually eating) my lunch for work, but by the end, I was tired of whatever I had packed and resorted to buying lunch almost every day last week.  But I didn’t eat dinner out at all, so that was a good thing I guess.  This is a goal I’m going to have to keep working on.

3. Blogging – Writing something (anything) once a day.  Again, another goal that needs some work.  I was better this month and I only took one, much needed break.  I’m not posting everything that’s on my schedule, but if I got back and look at the month’s posts, it’s seems pretty consistent.  I just have to keep going.

4. Social – Do something social at least once a week.  I think I hit 3 out of 4 weeks here.  It wasn’t terrific and I didn’t feel very social, but I’m trying to get some things going for this week and next.

5. Personal – Get out of bed and get to work on time.  Snort.  Yeah, this didn’t happen at all.  I need to get back into the habit of showering at night because that really helps me move faster, especially if I oversleep or turn off the alarm.  I was on time today so hopefully that bodes well for next month!

How did you do on your October goals?

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1 reese November 1, 2011 at 10:02 am

I love that you have 5 goals because it makes it realllly easy to comment on each one! So here I go…
1) 8 no-spend days is great! What’s even better is that you feel better about your spending. Mwuah to you! My only concern with this is one is that, on the flipside, it means you had 22 spending days in October. Which seems like an awful lot. I make it a rule not to spend anything or go to a store M-F. All my errands are done on Saturday or Sunday, and most of my “fun” money is spend on Friday nights (eating out or hitting a mall). Online is what gets me and hits my bank account hard. *Sigh* I need to be better about unplugging and saying NO to online sales!
2) BRAVO! 😀 I say eating cake at home is better than eating cake at a restaurant. It’s cheap cake. And sort of boosts your first goal. So it’s really a win/win. When you were little, didn’t you dream of eating cake for dinner? AND NOW YOU CAN. I’d give yourself way more credit on this one. And just work on eating what you pack for lunch 🙂 (maybe pack some cake? I know it helps me when I have a treat to look forward to!)
3) I’ve loved seeing your blog posts everyday and I’m going to be better about commenting on them! 🙂 (Oh and more pictures of the kitty-baby please. Wuv her widdle face!)
4) So much more social that me. I totally envy you. 🙂 What did you and your friends do?
5) Ugh. I WISH i could take a shower at night. If I do? I wake up with my hair looking like the bride of frankenstein and live just takes eons longer in the morning (woe of curly hairdness). I’m always rushing out the door to catch the 6:50 train in the morning and if I would just wake up 10 minutes earlier I’d be less stressed. BUT THAT 10 MINUTES MATTERS! Feel ya. Totallllly feel ya.


2 Elizabeth November 1, 2011 at 10:20 am

I didn’t think of the fact that not spending for 8 days meant that I spent 23 days. That makes it seem not quite as great. And it also makes me wonder what the hell I bought. I know that three of those days were doctor’s visits (2 for me and 1 for Caty) and I do run a lot of errands on the weekends…but what about the other days? I guess maybe buying lunch or something.

I’ll try to take and post more pictures of Caty. She does have a sweet face. 🙂


3 reese November 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

I just realized how many horrible errors were strewn through my comment. I’ll pay more attention next time. I was multi-tasking and trying to work but wanted to comment. GRAH. 31 days. And life not live. And than not that. etc etc.

Reese fails.


4 Elizabeth November 1, 2011 at 5:26 pm

I knew what you meant. 🙂 And Reese doesn’t fail. She wins at bloggy friendships.


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